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Fanatsy Flight Posts Separatist Starter Preview for Star Wars: Armada

All about that money, the Separatists are looking to, well, separate from the Galactic Republic. And they've got the fleet to back that plan up. In this preview, we get a look in the starter set for the Separatists in Star Wars: Armada, specifically, their Hardcell-Class Transports.

From the preview:

The leaders of the Separatist Alliance largely fight a proxy war, letting droids stand in for organic soldiers and starships. While these networked droids often work seamlessly with one another to react to the shifting tides of battle, they often are most effective when receiving direction from a centralized source.

When ships like the Munificent-class Frigate are unable to perform this role, the Separatists often turn to the Hardcell Transport. Despite being lightly armed, the ship more than makes up for this with its versatility in combat operations. Soon, the Hardcell will form a cornerstone of your new Separatist fleets with the Separatist Alliance Fleet Starter for Star Wars™: Armada!

This Fleet Starter introduces the Separatist Alliance into the game with a Munificent-class Frigate miniature, two Hardcell Transport miniatures, and four Vulture-class Droid Fighter Squadrons as well as all the components you need to play the game. Far from playing a singular role in your fleets, both of the capital ships can be deployed in two variants that make them even more specialized while 20 upgrade cards invite you to modify your ships to fit your strategy.

We’ve already taken a look at what the Munificent-class Frigate and Vulture Droids add to the faction. Join us today as we highlight the Hardcell Transport!