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Fallout: New California Now Available

If regular California wasn't quite doing it for you, why not check out New California. It's the new expansion for the Fallout board game and it's available now. More quests. More companions. More gear. More of the toxic wasteland fun you've come to love.

From the release:

Don’t let miles of scorching hot desert and irradiated wasteland fool you. New California is a land of opportunity, a place where your dreams can come true. Sure, you might have to battle a Mirelurk Queen or run from a Super Mutant Behemoth from time to time, but what’s that compared to the piles of loot you can wring out of the remnants of the world before the Great War?

Now is your chance to explore this coastal jewel and see everything it has to offer: the New Californiaexpansion for Fallout: The Board Gameis available now online through our webstore! Seize the opportunity and make your way in the wasteland today.