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Exordium: Ionna RPG Campaign and Setting Guide Up On Kickstarter

Yarr arr yarr! I loddie the hotpants! Shiver me timbers and buckle my swashes, it's time for some high-seas action. If you're looking to hoist the pirate flag over your own ship and plunder the seas, you'll want to check out Exordium: Ionna, a new campaign and setting book for 5th edition that's up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Exordium: Ionna is the chaos and piracy-themed campaign setting for the 5th Edition set in the Grada Donna continent of the mystical planet Ionna. Terror of the Noctiferous, the twisted and destructive imitation of the Great Flood, which left a deep mark in the history of Ionna; the unpredictable raids of the minions of Noctiferra, the plane of clashing Chaos and Order, to terraform the planet; terrestrial and aquatic kingdoms reigning from the peaks of the highest mountains to the deepest depths of the oceans; cults and organizations that can endanger even the existence of planes in line with their own interests, and at last, the pirates united under seven incomprehensible figures for their freedom in all this confusion are the elements that composed the unique atmosphere of the Exordium: Ionna.

In the Exordium: Ionna, the uniquely designed new contents with idiosyncratic dynamics and challenging mechanics that will breathe new life into your tabletop game nights. Our main motivation is to enrich the countless sessions you will spend in the Ionna and the other fantasy universes compatible with 5E by providing enjoyable yet challenging content.

  • 9 New Deities & 6 New Domains
  • 6 New Races
  • 2 New Classes
  • 31 New Archetypes
  • 5 New Backgrounds
  • A New Item Type & Crafting System
  • 40 New Items
  • The Noctiferous - A whole new mechanic of the Chaos
  • 11 New Cults & Organizations
  • New Naval & Piracy Mechanics
  • 8 New Aquatic & Terrestrial Kingdoms
  • 40+ New Aquatic & Terrestrial Settlements
  • 32 New Racial Ship Designs
  • A New School of Magic & A New Damage Type
  • 70 New Spells & 10 New Eldritch Invocations
  • A New Monster Type
  • 35 New Monsters
  • 5 New Feats

The campaign's up and running now with 29 days left to go.