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Everything Epic Games Running Grind House Board Game Kickstarter

We may be getting into the holiday season, but that doesnt' mean that there's some lingering Halloween to go around. Such is the case with Grind House, a survival horror board game from Everything Epic Games that's up on Kickstarter now, but only for a couple more days.

From the campaign:

You receive an invitation from the mysterious man known as “The Host” to take part in a contest at the infamous “Grind House.” The letter promises you the opportunity to play a game to win a reward greater than you could possibly imagine, 10 Million Dollars - with the only requirement to stay alive for 12 hours in the house. 

You arrive at a decaying mansion on a hill along with five others as your well dressed host ushers you inside. He says in a deep, ominous voice. “The entertainment will be… to die for!” Behind you, the door slams shut and you and your fellow guests are trapped as the game begins! 

"Grind House" is a narrative horror game for 2-6 players where you would be considered lucky if survival only costs an arm and a leg. While survival is the ultimate goal, each player has a classic archetype with a secret motive. Some characters like the Doctor may try to keep everyone alive, while the psychopath with surely attempt to split everyone apart. Others, like the Pianist, just want to keep their hands intact.

For those unfortunate souls who do perish in the house, the game is not over. Players may return as ghosts to haunt the remaining survivors as they try to make it through the Grind House unscathed. After exploring all 5 randomized rooms in the house, any survivors left total up their score to determine the winner.

The Kickstarter is right near its goal, but there's only 3 days left to go.