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Everyone is John RPG Up On Kickstarter

Everyone has at least some kind of voice in their head. Some inner monologue. At least, I know I do. Not necessarily the "the leprechaun says to burn it all down" type of thing. But just when you have your conversations with yourself. In Everyone is John, an RPG that's got a new edition up on Kickstarter, you don't play as individual characters, but different voices inside of John's head, each trying to get him to do what you want to do.

From the campaign:

Welcome to Everyone is John, the curiously unusual roleplaying game where each player struggles with their own unique skill sets and personal obsessions. The catch? Each player is a unique voice in one man's head.

In the early 2000's, an indie RPG called Everyone is John began making its way across the convention circuit.  It was strange, unique, and a ton of fun.  You could play it with scratch paper and a couple of six-sided dice. Slowly, surely - this quick-hit RPG became a genuine cult-classic.

We are proud to bring you this new edition of that cult-classic RPG with over 40 pages of new material an extra content!  The game has been heavily expanded with enhanced rules refined through hundreds of hours of playtesting to provide the best game experience, ready-to-use character and GM sheets, original art, gameplay examples, and numerous adventure seeds to entice players and game masters.  

Additionally, the book expands the world of Everyone is John with sections on running an adventure in worlds of Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror, and other settings - with detailed rules for each, such as letting John cast magical spells, use super-heroic powers, or deal with mind-altering attacks on his sanity!

The campaign's more than 13x funded with still 21 days left to go.