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Everway Silver Anniversary Edition Up On Kickstarter

Everway was first released 25 years ago. *sniffle* They all grow up so fast. To celebrate such an anniversary, there's a special edition of the game up on Kickstarter now. Revamped and relaunched, you can get in on this epic adventure now.

From the campaign:

It has been twenty-five years since the first release of the groundbreaking Everway diceless mythic roleplaying game designed by Jonathan Tweet (DUNGEONS & DRAGONS 3rd Edition, OVERTHE EDGE). The time is right for it to return in this stunning new format for its Silver Anniversary.

This campaign includes the entire Everway Mythic Roleplaying product line re-launch:

  •  Book 1: Players – Everything a player needs to play.
  •  Book 2: Gamemasters – Information a gamemaster needs to run quests.
  •  Deluxe Fortune Deck – The tarot-like deck that powers Everway.
  •  Vision Collection 1 – 84 fantasy art cards by world renowned artists.
  •  Vision Collection 2 – 84 additional fantasy art cards for play.
  •  Numerous add-ons – Enhance your Everway games.

The campaign's 1.5x funded with 29 days left to go.