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Everdell: Newleaf & Mistwood Expansions Up On Kickstarter

The folks at Starling Games are giving you more Everdell. Lots more. They're running a Kickstarter campaign for two new expansions, Newleaf and Mistwood, as well as a The Complete Collection, including a nice, big box to carry it all around in.

From the campaign:

New critters and new ideas are arriving every day at the Newleaf train station! Being the first official city of Everdell, Newleaf has grown into a thriving destination with numerous exciting opportunities to discover and explore. Attract eager visitors to your city, make your reservations, travel further with tickets, and build the most prosperous city Everdell has ever seen! Prepare to experience an all-new Everdell that will keep delighting and surprising you for many more seasons to come.

Lurking in the depths of Mistwood, the cunning and villainous Nightweave plots to take over Everdell with the aid of her spiderlings. Pit your wits against Nightweave and her sticky schemes in both solo and two-player games, and recruit heroes of yore from our More Legends and Corrin Evertail expansion packs as well as transform your farms with our new Through Every Season expansion pack!

Store all of your Everdell components and add new accessories to complete your game.


  •  Unique Storage Solution (with Complete Collection box, storage trays, and dividers) 
  • Comprehensive Master Rulebook
  • Comprehensive Master Card Reference Booklet
  • Comprehensive Scorepad
  • 20 Six-Point Shiny Metal Tokens
  • And more to be revealed!

The game funded almost immediately and is well over $1 million. So check it out before it ends in 15 days.