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Europa Universalis: The Price of Power Board Game Up On Kickstarter Now

These days, many vaunted video games are making their way to your tabletops. This time around, it's the award-winning Europa Universalis, which itself was based on the Europa Universalis board game from over two decades ago. Aegir Games is running a Kickstarter for Europa Universalis: The Price of Power. It's the 1400s and the age of exploration is on. European countries are looking to create empires that span the globe. Set out and make your own mark.

From the campaign:

“Ah, the price of power. I have sacrificed more than you will ever know. Do you really think you have what it takes to be in this position? Very well … come with me and I’ll share with you what I have learnt, son.”

Europa Universalis:The Price of Power captures the essence of the award winning Europa Universalis PC game, and once again brings this epic strategy experience back to the tabletop. This is in every sense a true 4X, grand strategy game, cast in a historical setting.

Take your realm from its historical starting position as a medieval European kingdom in 1444, and transform it into a global empire where the sun never sets.

26 years after Philippe Thibaut made the original Europa Universalis board game, it finally returns to the tabletop.

The game's more than 5x funded with 15 days left to go.