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Euro Classics Line Coming to an End

Many of you out there love Euro-style games. They focus on player skill and tactics more than acts of chance. And there's a ton of really good games out there. And there was going to be more thanks to the Euro Classics line of games. Unfortunately, it's been announced that the Euro Classics line is coming to an end.

From the article:

In addition to Princes of Florence, we are sunsetting the entire Euro Classics line. Now Reiner is able to move some of his seminal works along the next step of their evolutionary journey, and I can’t wait to see what form they’ll take. Note that Z-Man will not be reprinting these titles again. When what’s currently available sells through, these Z-Man versions will thereafter be out of print. So, if you were holding out to get these games, act fast!

I’d like to thank Wolfgang and Reiner for entrusting me and my team with their precious creations, as well as the passionate studio staff for bringing these games to life. From the Egyptian hieroglyphic relief of Ra’s debossed board to the streamlined-scoring leader tokens of Samurai; from the new “a river runs Through the Desert” board to the deliciously metallic Taj Mahal palaces—we truly hope that Reiner’s fans appreciated the labors of love that went into supporting these games along their journey from FFG to Windrider, and finally to Z-Man.

And who knows, maybe the next iteration of these games will have their own fancy Kickstarter stretch goal bonanza. But you can bet that, if they do, I’ll be the first one in line to pledge!