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Ettin Card Game Now Available from WizKids

Ettins are two-headed monsters known for their strength. Having two heads, they sometimes disagree about how best to go about their life. However, the best Ettins know to pool their mental resources together, when they can be a pretty strong force. And that's what you and a friend will be doing in Ettin, the new card game from WizKids. You and your team are facing off against rival Ettins for control over the course of three Ages. You can pick up your copies now.

From the post:

WizKids is pleased to announce that Ettin, a team-based competitive drafting game from the mind of Ken Shannon, is now available in North American game stores!

In this fast-paced strategy game, players form teams of two and battle against enemy teams over three Ages, drafting cards with their allies on one side and their enemies on the other. At the end of each Age, a War takes place, and players fight their enemies for Victory Points. At the end of the third Age, the team with the most Victory Points wins the game!

Featuring eight unique nations for players to choose from, with the ability to expand to larger games using multiple copies, Ettin’s hybrid of cooperative and competitive gameplay brings the duality of its namesake to life on the tabletop!  Ettin is available now at a Friendly Local Game Store near you, so pick it up there or online today!