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Ethnographic References Supplement Book Up On Indiegogo

The world is a busy, messy, turbulent place. Creating a world of your own will involve just as much in terms of philosophy, religion, politics, and more. But many GMs find it hard to figure out how all that stuff should work. That's where Ethnographic References comes in. It's a handy e-book supplement that gives you information on how to integrate all sorts of extra lore and realism into your games. The book is up on Indiegogo now.

From the campaign:

Ethnographic References are at the core of the worldbuilding - it’s philosophy, culture, and politics underlie the narrative of places, it’s characters and events. Ethnography lets you interpret and dive into the rich folklore and explore the underlying motives of the characters and their customs. With this book we aim to dig beyond the surface and explore roots and meanings of the pulsating worlds. 

Whether it is a clash of opposing philosophies, or a conflict between the  underrepresented society and the rulers, or maybe a decline of the ancient and the emergence of new technologies, this book provides inspiring narrative for exploration.

The book is made up from three chapters with specific theme: Branches of Philosophy, Facets of Culture, and Masters of Politics, each with three key parts: in-depth lore (including descriptions of cultural phenomena and events), detailed references (including 3d maps of places, drawings and cross sections) and campaign starters (including NPCs and quest hooks). Every chapters is exploring an essential step for the campaign worldbuilding, and provides references that can be used directly in your game, or provide you a sources for inspiration.

The campaign is up and running now. It's set to go for another 52 days (yeah, you've got a while to decide on this one).