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Epic Scale Games Announces Automated Alice Game Coming to Kickstarter

Epic Scale Games is proud to announce that they have acquired the rights to create a game based on Jeff Noon's Automated Alice novel. Alice and her doll Celia travel to 1998 Manchester and are caught up in a ring of murders. How will Alice and the fully-automated Celia make it out? That's for you to decide. The game is coming to Kickstarter on September 15th.

From the article:

Epic Scale Games has secured the rights to develop a cooperative dice tabletop game based on the fantasy cult novel Automated Alice by author Jeff Noon.

Popular heroine Alice and her doll, Celia, take an unlikely spill though a grandfather clock and find themselves traveling through time. Emerging in an alternate modern Wonderland circa 1998 Manchester, Alice, and her now fully automated doll doppelganger, encounter a whole new world of imaginative characters, storied favorites and mysterious circumstances as Alice is named the prime suspect in the “Jigsaw Murders.”

Can you help Alice clear her name in order to return home before time runs out?