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Epic Encounters: Temple of the Snake God Available to Pre-Order

Snakes? Why'd it have to be snakes? Well, because snakes are cool and they're often what adventurers find themselves fighting against. And there'll be even more (and really, really big ones) when the Temple of the Snake God Epic Encounter comes out from Steamforged. You can get your orders in for it now.

From the website:

Venomous and hungry, a great snake slithers through the depths of a ruined temple, a relic of the very civilisation it was made to protect.

Sampling, sensing, its vast pink tongue flickers between fangs long as the arm of a fully grown man.

Many would-be thieves have met their end within its crushing grip.

Will you be next?

Face the crushing grip of a Giant Snake with Temple of the Snake God, including a complete boss encounter and a highly detailed Giant Snake mini on a gargantuan 100mm base!