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English Version of The City Up On Kickstarter

Eagle-Gryphon Games has launched a Kickstarter campaign for the new English version of Tom Lehmann's The City. But more than just a translation, it's also got updated art and pieces, plus a new expansion. Have yourself a look (listening to The Eagles at the same time is optional).

From the campaign:

  • This is a new, totally updated edition of Tom Lehmann's The City 
  • Now in English for the first time
  • Featuring new, beautiful art and graphics by João Tereso
  • #21 in the Gryphon Bookshelf Series (GBS)
  • 10% off MSRP, + a FREE 33-card expansion, The Expanded City 
  • Stretch Goals keyed to number of Backers, adding iconic cities
  • Fill out your GBS with great prices on Optional Buys

The campaign's already half-again over its funding goal with still 21 days left to go.