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Empire of the East RPG Up On Kickstarter

On an alternate world, a nuclear war fundamentally changed the physics of the world. Technology became changed as magic and demons flowed in as the mushroom clouds abated. Now, an Evil Empire wielding the power of these demons threatens to enslave all of humanity. Who will stop them? That's the rough plot of Fred Saberhagen's Empire of the East book series. Soon, you'll be able to join in the fight in the Empire of the East RPG, up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Thousands of years ago, the ashes of nuclear fire changed the world. The weapons of mass destruction ceased to work as the laws of physics altered. In their wake came elementals and demons, creatures from the darkest dreams and nightmares of mankind. Magic returned to the world. Humankind arose from the ashes and rebuilt society, just as the vile Empire of the East wielded the demonic powers of Orcus to sweep across the globe. Now it falls to a small group of resistance fighters to reclaim freedom for humanity!

Welcome to the Empire of the East role-playing game sourcebook, designed for the Dungeon Crawl Classics rules set, and also compatible with Mutant Crawl Classics. Herein you’ll find information regarding Fred Saberhagen’s seminal trilogy of novels, which set the stage for his rich fantasy world and were among Gary Gygax's stated Appendix N inspirations for Dungeons & Dragons.

Officially licensed by the estate of Fred Saberhagen, this hardcover sourcebook offers everything you need to play DCC RPG campaigns in the world of the Empire of the East. Lead designer Jason Vey has adapted the world in a simple, clean style that is easy to integrate into your DCC game, and Harley Stroh provides one of the introductory adventures included inside.

The campaign's close to 5x funded with 7 days left to go.