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Eleven: Football Manager Launching on Gamefound Next Week

Eleven: Football Manager (and yes, I kept reading that as Elven Football Manager and expected players with pointy ears and green, leafy outfits) puts you in charge of your own football club. The game is coming to Gamefound next week and Portal Games is giving away extra cards to those that sign up before the campaign even launches.

About the campaign:

We will soon be launching our new project on the Gamefound platform. Eleven: Football Manager Board Game is a game for fans of football, economic games, and football managers, in short, everyone will fall in love with it. The campaign starts on September 7 at 5 PM CET.

These are the last days to get special cards that will be added to your pledge for free. What do you have to do to get them? Just go to the campaign draft page and press the follow button. It's very simple, don't hesitate!