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Eldritch Century RPG Up On Kickstarter

Just as WWI was at its climax, a strange fog permeated the Argonne forest, killing and warping whomever tried to go into it. This brought the conflict to a swift end, as entire armies were swallowed by it. Now, 66 years has gone by with the fog staying mostly still. But now it is growing. What is in store for the world? That's for you to find out in Eldritch Century, a new alternative history RPG that's up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

For 66 years, the Miasma has been slowly eating away at the World. This led to a violent schism in humanity, leading to the formation of six factions with extreme and diametrically opposing agendas. On this Wounded Earth, the unearthing of ancient and forbidden secrets led to the development of weird technology, while eldritch beings slowly plunge us into the unknowable. With the world powers ready to go at each other’s throats, the only thing keeping us from falling over the edge is the Minerva Initiative, a secret multi-lateral organization seeking to understand these mysteries and, hopefully, put an end to the horrors they beget. This is the end of history, this is the Eldritch Century. 

Eldritch Century  is fully compatible with the 5e ruleset including the stats, powers and abilities. In addition the book has the Draco System. In this system, each character is created following a series of prompts based on the setting, a character creation concept we call the Exegesis System. This helps define where they are from, who they meet and their paths. The paths are what gives each character their abilities, powers and uses of their Effort slots. A player may be able to take up to 3 paths depending on their decisions during character creation. The power system is freeform, and each faction has their own style that can be shaped on the run. As a result, a Sino Siberian that takes the Teslamancer path but had to endure a long bureaucratic process will be different from a Teslamancer that got into the Sino-Siberian Mandate party from childhood.

The campaign's about 5/7 of the way to its goal with 22 days left to go.