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El Maestro Available Now From WizKids

Are you highly visual? Can you spot patterns well in movement? Can you picture things as people draw them out in the ethereal air? If so, you'll be great at El Maestro, the new party game from WizKids. You can pick up this new artistic endeavor game now.

From the article:

WizKids is excited to announce that the first English release of hit game El Maestro is available now!

In El Maestro, one player leads the group in air drawing their Oeuvre (their fine work of art). The others physically draw along with the motions, doing their best to recreate the Maestro’s shapes and understand their signals. Sign your masterpiece, then guess what you’ve been creating – and try not to laugh too hard when you share!

Players gain points for artistic merit, as well as for words guessed correctly. The Maestro gains points depending on whether or not they spoke during their performance. The game ends after 4 rounds, and the player with the most points wins!

Perfect for game night, El Maestro is a fun new spin on charades-style gameplay that will earn a standing ovation from the whole family! El Maestro is available now, so pick it up from your Friendly Local Game Store or Online today!