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Eastern Empires Board Game Coming to Kickstarter This September

You know, September is still a little bit away, but it's not nearly as far as I originally thought when I got this notice. Dutch publisher will running a Kickstarter then for Eastern Empires, their highly-anticipated board game about all things Eastern.

From the announcement:

In September, leading Dutch publisher 999 Games will debut on Kickstarter with their long-anticipated civilization game, Eastern Empires. This board game, a creative cooperation by Dutch and American authors, is the culmination of 10 years of development. Eastern Empiresis a 3- to 9-player standalone game that complements 2019’sWestern Empires.

In Eastern Empires, players develop their fledgling tribes into thriving civilizations and vie for victory points by expanding their populations, trading valuable resources and advancing their cultures. Interaction between players is a major gameplay element. Conflict may occur, but players will benefit most through the use of diplomacy, trade and strategic alliances.

Eastern Empires employs the same mechanics as its critically acclaimed predecessor Western Empires(BGG: 8.5/10).Eastern Empires’ variety of factions and scenarios gives the game great replayability, and its 3- and 4-player rules can be applied to Western Empires, making that game accessible at lower player counts as well.

Together, Eastern and Western empires form the massive, 18-player experience Mega Empires. The Eastern Empires game box includes a booklet with additional scenarios for Mega Empires. While epic in scale, Eastern Empires’ game mechanics are straight forward and easy to learn. The included ‘First Game’ tutorial gets players started quickly and can even be played solo.

For the games’ authors Flo de Haan, Gerart de Haan, and John Rodriguez,Eastern Empires has been a labor of love, created in spite of the commercial challenges of developing such an ambitious game. “We wanted to create the grandest game possible that can be played in a single room during a single day,” said Flo de Haan, “Through Eastern Empires, we wanted to tell the complete history of all major civilizations from the time of the Ice Age up to the dawn of modern times.”

Founded in 1990, 999 Games has published nearly 700 games for the Dutch and Belgian markets, with limited market share outside of those countries. To gain exposure to the worldwide community of board game hobbyists, 999 Games will launch Eastern Empires on popular crowdfunding platform Kickstarter in Q3 2021.