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ESSENtial Retailer Summit Coming Back to Essen

Someday, I hope to make it out to Essen. I would really love that. I've been to Gen Con, but from what I hear Essen is all that and then some. But the drive from Atlanta is kinda rough. But if you are headed to Essen, and you're a retailer, you'll want to check out the ESSENtial Retailer Summit while you're there. If you really want to know what companies will be coming out with that you will want to stock in your store, it's the place to be.

From WizKids:

Well-known game publishers, Alderac Entertainment Group, CMON, Games Workshop, Renegade Game Studios, Stronghold Games and Wizkids have joined forces and today announced their plan to host the second annual ESSENtial Retailer Summit, set to take place during SPIEL 2018 on October 26 in Essen, Germany.

The ESSENtial Retail Summit is a great opportunity to connect with retailers and provide new product demos and overviews, sneak peeks and reveal upcoming announcements

The inaugural Summit was a wonderful success, and we’re excited to partner with new publishers this year to create another great event for participating retailers.

Retailers won’t want to miss this great opportunity to hear it first from top game publishers at this year’s 2018 ESSENtial Retailer Summit!

The 2018 ESSENtial Retailer Summit will take place Friday, October 26, 4-7 p.m. (GMT+2) in Room M in Congress Center South.

Retailers are encouraged to RSVP here by Monday, October 22.