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EGADS! RPG UP On Kicktarter

Everyone's Good at Doing Something. EGADS. It's a new RPG system up on Kickstarter now that's all about being intuitive and easy to get into for newer gamers.

From the campaign:

That's the premise for this character-driven TTRPG system, designed to be intuitive to pick up and endlessly adaptable for your adventures and settings. In this new system, you and a group of friends (one of whom will play as the Game Master) will build characters based not just on what they're good at, but also how they're good at it. Its mechanics are built to ask the question "how do you think your character would do this?", in order to support depth in roleplay and reflect the endless ways different people can achieve their goals.

EGADS! is designed to be easy to pick up even for those unfamiliar with tabletop gaming, and extensive playtesting has yielded positive feedback to this end from players of all levels of experience. It also provides the option for more advanced mechanics for experienced players to sink their teeth into if they're looking for more depth in their game. The game book will contain advice and guides on how to adapt the system for your own games across a wide variety of genres, with a range of mechanical options for exploration, trials, combat, and powers. It is suitable for players of all ages but a responsible guardian is recommended to accompany those under the age of 8.

The campaign's up and running now with 13 days left to go.