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Dyskami Publishing Taking Pre-Orders For Sailor Moon Crystal Truth or Bluff

Sci-fi miniatures. Fantay RPG. I think it's time to have something a little different. Hmm, Sailor Moon Crystal Truth or Bluff party game. Yeah, that'll do it.

Dyskami Publishing has started taking pre-orders for their cute, new game over in their webshop.

From the announcement:

Pre-orders are now open for SAILOR MOON CRYSTAL TRUTH OR BLUFF!

Great news, gamers and Sailor Moon Crystal fans! Dyskami Publishing Company's upcoming tabletop party game, Sailor Moon Crystal Truth or Bluff, is now available for pre-order from our website.

This hilarious party game of deception and misdirection features super-deformed caricatures of your favourite Sailor Moon Crystal Pretty Guardians and accommodates 3-8 players. Truth or Bluff joins our first licensed game, Sailor Moon Crystal Dice Challenge, as we grow our line of Sailor Moon offerings.

Both Truth or Bluff and the Season 3 expansion for Dice Challenge will be shipping this spring, and we are offering both standard and express shipping options for your pre-order. Best of all, you'll save money on combined shipping if you pre-order both!

Do you want to ensure you're amongst the first to receive a copy of these games later this spring? Pre-order your copy of the Sailor Moon Crystal Truth or Bluff (and Dice Challenge Season 3 expansion) today!