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Dyskami Publishing Creating New Edition of Big Eyes, Small Mouth

Big Eyes, Small Mouth, one of the quint-essential Anime-rpg systems, originally from White Wolf, is getting a new version. This time, it's Dyskami Publishing. They've gotten the go-ahead to create the 4th edition of the game.

From the announcement:

Dyskami Publishing Company announced today that it has entered into a worldwide licensing arrangement with White Wolf Entertainment to produce new editions of the beloved Japanese anime role-playing game, Big Eyes, Small Mouth (or BESM), as well as the acclaimed superhero role-playing game, Silver Age Sentinels. The new fourth edition of BESM will be updated by its original designer and Dyskami Publishing founder, Mark MacKinnon, launching a line of expansions and supplements to support the game over the coming years.

“It’s been well over a decade since I wrote the third edition of BESM, and having the chance to once again produce the game that means so much to me is a dream come true,” said Dyskami Publishing Company President, Mark MacKinnon. “The fourth edition has been under development for many years and is an opportunity to reenvision an entire new game line, updating both the design and presentation of BESM for today’s gamers yet hearkens back to the roots of earlier editions. Furthermore, we’ll be expanding our relationship with Japanime Games to co-publish the BESM relaunch and provide exceptional customer service and support. What a year 2019 is going to be for anime and gaming fans!”

Since the release of the first edition of BESM in 1997 by Guardians Of Order, the anime role-playing game and related licensed expansions has been nominated for Ennies and Origins Awards across multiple categories, including Best Role-Playing Game, Best RPG Graphic Design, Best RPG Supplement, and Best RPG Adventure. BESM Fourth Edition features cover art by long-time BESM artist, Niko Geyer, plus interior art by Shilin, Zirong, Zearyu, Geyer, and more.