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Dungeon Nights RPG Now Available

Trollish Delver Games has released Dungeon Nights, their new adventure RPG that brings things back to an older time. It's a game with an oldschool feel, but with modern rules insights to create a new, retro experience. You can use it on its own, or plug it in to any OSR game you might be planning or playing.

From the release:

Dungeon Nights is a adventure roleplaying game for those who like an old school romp with some new ideas. Characters are made with races, classes and cultures - with the baked in setting of Avanor as its background. Cultures allow for further customisation, ensuring that not everyone from the same race is the same. A bronzed Vennan Dwarf with an appetite for seafaring adventure is a world away from the bear-riding Frigos Dwarf of ice and snow. 

Journey the World

Travelling in Dungeon Nights is made more interesting with Journey Tags, which offer the GM a modular way to create dangerous adventures in the wild. Each Journey Tag has a different effect for players to contend with, allowing the GM to narrate a fantastic journey with all the excitement of a dungeon crawl. 

Everything you Need to Play

This book has everything you need to start your adventures in Avanor, with a bestiary, spells, prayers and an easy-to-use combat system that will be familiar to anyone who has ever rolled a d20. 

Compatible with other OSR Adventures

Dungeon Nights can be plugged into many other OSR systems, allowing GMs to run adventures from all kinds of games, including the original Basic and Expert games.