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Dungeon Fighter Dexterity Dice Game Up On Kickstarter

Normally, when someone throws their dice, you're all like, "Hey, buddy. Calm down. It's just a game." But in Dungeon Fighter, you're encouraged to throw your dice. How else are you supposed to take down the monsters in the dungeon, after all? Dungeon Fighter is a new dexterity dungeon-crawl dice game from Horrible Guild that's up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Are you ready to become a Professional Hero? You will have to explore Dungeons and fight your way through hordes of weird and ferocious monsters. You will have to throw dice with all of your focus and dexterity to hit the target board and defeat those fiends! Your goal is to reach the last room and defeat the Final Boss!

On your route to Destiny and Glory, you'll also have to deal with crazy weapons, whacky monster abilities and tricky obstacle rooms that will increase the difficulty of your task—but also your rewards!

Are you up to the challenge? Are you a Real Hero? It’s time to prove yourworth! Get a good night of sleep, do your stretches, delve into that Dungeon, and get the job done!

Dungeon Fighter is a cooperative dexterity game for 1-6 players where you throw dice at a target in whimsical ways to defeat monsters in a deadly dungeon! This 2020 edition is a reboot that takes the hilarious dice-throwing action of the original Dungeon Fighter and brings it to a whole new level with multiple standalone boxes, more modern rules, and both new and revised contents!

The campaign is headed towards 4x funded with 19 days left to go.