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Dungeon Degenerates: Mean Streets Expansion Up On Kickstarter

The Mean Streets expansion for Dungeon Degenerates is up on Kickstarter now. It adds all manner of new items, like a pair of quests, as well as four new playable characters that you can use to head into battle. Take on the role of the Mendicant Monk, Fugitive Fop, Sickly Soldier, or Unlicensed Surgeon.

About the expansion:

DUNGEON DEGENERATES: MEAN STREETS  Expansion Box is part of the Dark Fantasy Board Game of Swords, Sausages & Sorcery from GOBLINKO and is live now on This release features intense art with thematic depth and customizable role-playing elements to give players the feeling of playing an idealized role-playing game in an easy to start board game box. There is unique art for every card & the whole game features its own, intense, psychedelic design language. DUNGEON DEGENERATES: MEAN STREETS brings the corroded cobblestone corridors, Gothic grottoes & towering turrets of the Würstreich into terrifying tangibility.  It features four new playable characters lifted straight from the seedy streets of the Würstreich; Mendicant Monk, Fugitive Fop, Sickly Soldier & Unlicensed Surgeon, a hefty new deck of Settlement Encounters to make every trip to town unique, engaging & dangerous, new Loot, new Monsters & the new putrescent Plague Mechanic pitting your party of DUNGEON DEGENERATES against two new missions; The Deadly Smell of Disease & The River of Filth!  From the unadulterated urbanity of the fortress city Brüttelburg to the shoddy shanty-towns, unstable stilt-hut hamlets & overripe outposts that cling to civilization with swords, sausages & sorcery, the MEAN STREETS of DUNGEON DEGENERATES are the Würst!

The campaign's right at the cusp of funding (or already over possibly by the time you read this) with 9 days left to go.