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Dungeon Academy Now Available From USAopoly

You ever have that dream where you're in school and you're taking a test and you don't even know what class you're in? That's not 100% what's going on in Dungeon Academy, but you are in school and you are taking a test. But this isn't some Scantron-thing. Nope. You've got to traverse your way through a real dungeon. Will you graduate with top honors?

From the website:

Welcome to Dungeon Academy, Young Adventurers!

The dungeon delving, roll & write adventure game, Dungeon Academy is available in stores now!

Get ready to graduate from the most renowned academy in all the realm. Gamers will take on the roles of daring adventurers ready to take their big exam and earn their diploma from the prestigious Dungeon Academy. However, this isn’t your everyday sit-down test. To get there, you will have to complete four adventures through several floors of the monster-infested dungeon. As each level becomes increasingly more difficult than the last, you’ll have every opportunity to show what you’ve learned and earn the most Glory!

Take risks, defeat Monsters, collect loot, drink potions, and be the first receive the most Glory and your diploma from Dungeon Academy!