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Dueling Fops of Vindamere RPG Up On Kickstarter

Here's one that's a little different. Dueling Fops of Vindamere is a new RPG all about rich young fops that all belong to different dueling schools in the city of Vindamere and the antics that they get up to, loving, dueling, dying young and pretty. It's fast playing and GM-less and is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Greg Stolze's newest tabletop roleplaying game puts you in the corrupt, dissolute city-state of Vindamere, but don't worry. You play the best people there, spoiled children of privilege with nothing better to do than pursue swordplay, flirt outrageously, and snack on delicious vol-au-vents. A single game session covers the social year from Ye Midwinter Balle through the prestigious Alle-Valley Fencinge Championeshippe. Your louche elite blade-swanks fall in love, brawl, sneer and engage in truly petty social rivalries.

Imagine a game that's "Bridgerton, only extremely violent" or "extra-horny Cobra Kai, with swords."

The campaign's up and running now with 28 days left to go.