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Druids: Secrets of the Primal Order RPG Supplement Coming to Kickstarter

Homebrewed Games is looking to bring Druid players in 5th Edition D&D a whole lot more options for when they build and upgrade their character. They've created Druids: Secrets of the Primal Order and will be launching it on Kickstarter soon.

From the website:

Hombrewed Games, LLC., announces that Druids: Secrets of the Primal Order, a 5th-edition compatible gaming supplement for the world’s greatest tabletop role-playing game, is coming soon to Kickstarter. The book is filled with enough character options and GM material to unleash a new level of fun and fascination with the druid class.

"We wanted to create a resource that greatly enhanced the history, the purpose, and the very meaning of what it is to be a druid—and that is what this book does,"" said Matthew Yarro, one of the book’s co-authors.

The book covers three areas of druidic life: 1). Druidic lore and enhancements, 2). New character options, and 3). Monsters and adventure.