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Druids: Secrets of the Primal Circle Coming to Kickstarter Next Month

Lovers of the forest and all things natural, Druids draw on the power of such places to fuel their powers. And soon, they'll have even more resources at their fingertips as Homebrewed Games will be launching Druids: Secrets of the Primal Circle on Kickstarter next month.

From the website:

Hombrewed Games, LLC., announced that Druids: Secrets of the Primal Circle, a 5th-edition compatible gaming supplement for the world’s greatest tabletop role-playing game, launches July 20th on Kickstarter.

The book not only includes player options and GM resources, such as subclasses, spells, and magic items but more importantly includes much-needed history and lore that elevates the druid to its rightful place at the tabletop alongside the cleric and wizard.

The book dives into subjects like why druids don’t wear metal armor, what is the Curse of Blood and Iron, uses for Druidic and Druidic Marks, what are the elder spirits, what is the origin of their Wild Shape, and so much more!

It also introduces the Greyed Lands of the Netherelm, an entire world of adventure whose history is tightly interwoven with the druids. There are horrific abominations, sinister villains, and deadly monstrosities who wander the lands—all of whom have vowed to destroy the natural world and druids who protect it.

“The whole concept of this book is to bring more meaning and purpose to one of the greatest classes on the tabletop: the druid. And we have done just that. Whether you are a player or GM, there is so much in this book for you,” said Mathew Yarro, one of the book’s authors.