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Drop Dead City RPG Zine Up On Kickstarter

"I'd die for my art!" And that's just what they did. Drop Dead City is a city-beneath-a-city where bohemian lifestlye becomes the bohemian deathstyle. If you had an eternity to create your ultimate masterpiece, what would you make? This RPG Zine is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Haunting melodies and cries of anguish resonate up through the tunnels below the city of the living, up from Drop Dead City. The city beneath a city, an artistic commune unlike any other, packed to the gills with artists who chose eternal unlife over relinquishing their offbeat creative expression, could be anywhere in any world: Wherever you need it to be in fact.

Drop Dead City is an undead, dark bohemian paradise just waiting to be experienced and explored. Down through the depths of the boring old city above, you can make your way to a place where artistic freedom is unrestrained, even by the shackles of death itself. Adventuring isn’t always about swords and sorcery, sometimes it can be about poems and performance art instead!

This systemless supplement will provide you with all the characters, systems and story inspiration that you need to tell your own tales in the counterculture catacombs! Whether you need a quick filler session or the centrepiece of your next campaign, the ghoulish inhabitants of Drop Dead City are here and they’re dying to meet you...

The campaign's around 5x funded (Being fair, they weren't asking a lot) with 15 days left to go.