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Dragonland Now Available From Gamelyn Games

Gamelyn Games has more than just their Tiny Epic line. They're also out there, seeking other games to bring to your table. In this instance, it's a classic Reiner Knizia game: Dragonland. This classic has been revamped and updated and is now available.

From the announcement:

Gamelyn Games has unearthed the family gem Dragonland by renowned designer Reiner Knizia. First published in Germany by Ravensburger and then later by Rio Grande Games, this epic adventure game has been restored and polished for today's families by Gamelyn Games!

In Dragonland, players are aiding the Dragons to secure their precious eggs and treasure before the volcanoes erupt!

Dragonland is easy enough for the younger gamers to play and enjoy while also offering compelling choices for the adult strategists. It's fast, fun and perfect for a family game night!

Join us in the land of dragons and claim your copy of Dragonland today!

Dragonland is currently available and ships immediately!