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Dragonflight Supplment for 5th Edition Up On Kickstarter

As you all know, next to giant robots, dragons are what I really love in gaming. It's like, "well, in the sci-fi universes, it's giant robots. In the fantasy side, it's dragons. ... ... They don't really mix all that often. Sometimes, but not often." If you're looking for a way to get more dragons into your games of Dungeons & Dragons (and, honestly, why wouldn't you?), then the Dragonflight supplement up on Kickstarter now is just for me... I mean you.

From the campaign:

Do you want to be a dragon? Of course you do. Dragonflight brings everything you need to make powerful dragon characters and NPCs that do justice to their legendary status. Get the tools to run a fantastic campaign for dragon characters or craft specialized draconic foes to put your players to the test, all using the 5th Edition rules you know and love. Welcome to Dragonflight. Get ready to soar.

Dragonflight is a complete rulebook, divided into two sections: one for players and one for DMs. The player section includes the Dragon Builder – all the rules for creating a dragon character with full progression from level 1 to 20 for three dragon classes and enough variety that no two dragons will be alike. This includes new tools for roleplaying as a dragon, adventuring, downtime, and customization options (such as draconic feats). What kind of dragon will you play? A mighty warrior, with talons that cleave through steel? One that overflows with arcane power, casting spells beyond the imagining of mortals? An inspiring leader (or brutal tyrant) who marshals lesser beings into an army while staying two steps ahead of every rival? All this and more is possible with Dragonflight

Dragons are much stronger than puny humanoids, and the DM section provides what you need to forge dragons like never before. You’ll get guidance on everything from encounter building, adventure planning, and handling hoards to treasure, NPCs, and villains. The book also discusses world-building in the section Building a Draconian World, chock-full of advice and inspiration for creating a setting where dragons are the stars of the show. Finally, the DM section closes with a portfolio of Dragon NPCs, ready to drop into a game. Both these NPCs and any dragons you build using the dragon builder can also serve as powerful creatures in a standard 5th Edition game, far surpassing the traditional dragons found in most books.

In short, if you’ve ever asked or been asked, “Can I play as a dragon?” the answer is now yes.

The campaign's about 1/3 of the way to its goal with 27 days still to go.