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Dragon Hunters Board Game Up On Kickstarter

Dragons. They're known for causing destruction and they're known for having giant hoards of treasure. It's these reasons that adventurers find themselves going to defeat these huge beasts. But will the adventurers be able to overcome the greed in their own hearts and complete the mission? That's for you to decide in Dragon Hunters, a new board game that's up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

"Dragon Hunters" is a game where three reckless heroes - an avenging amazon, a warlike half-orc, and an intrepid mage explorer face a deadly and terrifying dragon with treasure hidden within its lair. The Dragon is not the only opponent, as the hunters' greed and thirst for glory can ruin a well-executed plan. You will decide who will be the lucky hunter to receive the treasure, and who will fall while facing the dragon – and don't forget about the dragon itself, who will do everything in its power to destroy the intruders and derail your strategy.

Hunters have a great many skills and weapons at their disposal, such as numerous poisons and traps, tactics, tricks, and legendary armor, mighty swords, and ancient powerful artifacts! As they confront a dangerous and armored beast from ancient myth - Paraxis the Ruthless, also known as Scarlet Death, whose power and fury have no bounds! This dragon will not stop until it destroys everyone who dared to invade its lair! Fangs, claws, and wings are the dragon's usual weapons of choice, but Paraxis is also an ancient and terrible beast – creating illusions, burning its enemies, and summoning faithful dragon whelps to aid it in battle.

As you see from the featured image, they funded pretty quick and have gone through a bunch of stretch goals. If you want in on the action, you've got only 7 days to do so.