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Dragon Gyas Board Game Up On Kickstarter

<whoop! whoop! whoop!>

Yup, we've got Giant Robot Alert here to finish out the week. Arclight Games is running a Kickstarter campaign for Dragon Gyas, a new tactical board game that puts players in control of a huge robot, or the Grandragon and the forces looking to destroy the Earth.

From the campaign:

"Dragon Gyas" is a unique board game in which players control one of two sides: the Hexgyas and the Royal Order ready to defend humankind or the Grandragon and dragonewts bent on extinction of human race.

Official web-site is HERE.

The game features a one-of-a-kind system with pieces following two rule sets on a single board:

· Hexgyas/Grandragon: These powerful units must be strategically sequenced based on your opponent's moves.

· Knights/Dragonewts: These units are moved based on the current situation, similar to chess.

These rules capture the setting of combat: 

The Hexgyas is a powerful giant robot that is difficult to operate quickly, while the knights can move around freely but are weaker and take on more of a support role to the powerful robot.

The campaign's up and underway and has 25 days left to go.