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Draco Studios Taking Pre-orders For Eldritch Century Core Book

It's really foggy out this morning. I really love fog. It's just pretty to me and gives everything just this bit of air of mystery. Granted, it's pretty harmless, unlike the Miasma that's descened over Europe in Eldritch Century. That's a lot more malevolent. How will your characters deal with the situation? That's up to you to find out. You can pre-order your copies of the game's core book now.

From the website:

Hardcover RPG book with 400 full-color pages based in the pre-apocalyptic alternate-history world of Eldritch Century.

Dual system: 5e-compatible and also featuring the Draco System with rules for character creation and specialization paths.
Includes an Eldritch Bestiary.

Europe has been consumed by the Miasma, a thick fog that corrupts everything within. It emerged in 1918 and has been expanding since then. By the year 1984, the Wounded Earth has changed, with 6 powerful factions at each others' throats fighting the coldest of wars. A secret organization, the Minerva Initiative, recruits agents from every corner of the world to steal technologies from the factions and sabotage their most dangerous projects, while fighting the monsters within the Miasma and researching how to avoid a world-consuming 4th Miasmic expansion.