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Draco Ideas to Run Frontier Wars Kickstarter

Next week, Draco Ideas will be running a Kickstarter campaign for Frontier Wars. It's their new WWII board game of command, strategy, and expansion. The game is designed after real time strategy games, and offers multiple different scenarios of play, letting you sit down for a quick half-hour game, or all the way to a 2-hour epic encounters.

About the game:

Frontier Wars puts you in command of one of the factions from WWII: United States, Great Britain, Germany and USSR, represented with the 100 miniatures included in the box. Offering an experience similar to that from computer real time strategy games (RTS), like the famous “Command and Conquer”, you will have to conquer territories through battle, build constructions that will allow you to recruit new troops and increase your army, as well as managing your hand of cards (resources) to achieve victory.

The game is ready for 2 to 4 players (with the expansion up to 6 players can play), and it’s perfect for all types of players, not just those interested in historical or war games. With very detailed artwork and great quality components, we are certain this game will find its place in many game collections.

The main characteristics of the game are:

  • Easy to learn: the rules can be explained in under 10 minutes.
  • Hard to master: with a high tactical approach for the placement of troops and the use of cards.
  • Low luck factor: with no dice, so there is very Little luck involved in the game.
  • Fast and fun to play: the game develops quickly in a very fun way, the more players the better!
  • Scaleable games: both in number of players and scenarios, allowing you to play from 30 minutres to 2 hour games.