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Domination Board Game Up On Kickstarter

Agony is the price that you pay in the end. Domination consumes you, then calls you a friend.

Are you looking to recreate all of WWII in under 2 hours? Do you think you can steer the course of the war differently? You can find out in Domination, a new tactical board game from Pahalanx that's up on Kickstarter now (awesome guitar solo sold separately).

About the game:

World War II in 90 minutes? It's not a dream - it's Domination. A game where there is no place for Domination, only pure strategy and tactics. Clashes, area control, hand management, and team play - this will not be lacking during exciting games. One of the best logic wargames of recent years has just hit Kickstarter.

Domination by Wei-Cheng Cheng is a reimplementation of Mini WWII, which underwent a number of changes and tests that finally balanced the game and added mechanisms that add theme to the gameplay. The game is designed for 2-4 players who manage four asymmetrical factions: the Western Allies (United Kingdom & United States of America), USSR (with the support of China), Germany and Japan. They play in two teams: the Allies (Western Allies & USSR) and the Axis (Germany & Japan).

Number of players: 2 – 4

The campaign's more than 4/5 of the way to its goal with 20 days left to go.