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Domina Anthology Games Coming to Kickstarter

Japanime Games has announced its next Kickstarter. And it's not just for one or two games, but an entire set of three, forming the Domina Anthology. They're Argoat, Miraris, and Pralaya. Japanime has set up a preview page with information about each game, as well as links to their rulebooks, so you can know what you're getting into long before the campaign even launches.

From the announcement:

Japanime Games is excited to announce our next Kickstarter! From Japanese game designer Y. Ohashi and Domina Games we are excited to bring you the English editions of these three amazing Worlds of Mystery, previously released in Japan to critical acclaim! Be sure to check these games out on BGG and drop them a like

With this Kickstarter we will be presenting these games individually or as a set with all three games included