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Domain of Dread RPG Adventure Up On Kickstarter

The Domain of Dread adventure is ready to take your players all the way from Level 1, just starting out, to Level 10. It's got everything you need for a spooky, scary, dark game, all in one place. The project is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Not all the Domains of Dread are drawn from worlds hospitable to life. The scale and impossible geometry of this plane induces instinctual anxiety.

Gaseous tempests whirl upon the hooked peaks of gravity-defying mountains, oily spires twist in semi-organic contortions, caustic fumaroles yawn and snap shut hungrily, and above it all hangs a dying red orb.

Little can survive this wasteland, which is why these land masters dwell underground.

If you have died here you are cursed to become a horrid monstrosity. You and 10 other people sit confused, naked, looking terrified.

As you push off the ground to lift yourself up your hand sinks a bit, As you notice that the surface feels almost like flesh, pulsating.

You look up to see a putrid purple sky pockmarked with black clouds. The landscape is a dull purple. Blackened growths litter the landscape.

almost like a cruel mockery of trees. You look in the distance to see a mountain climbing into the sky but you realize it has no end.

This place confuses the mind and befuddles the senses. Everything smells of burnt ozone and rot.

As you walk forward you realize you've been here before the scars on your body tingle with memories unknown. Can you reclaim your memories and your sanity? Or will This place turn you to its twisted ends once more?

The campaign's really close to its funding goal with 45 days left to go.