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Dockfighters: The Ale Wars Aerial Combat Game Up On Kickstarter

In an alternate version of 1948, giant lighter-than-air craft ply the skyways, harboring swarms of other aircraft. Here, among the clouds, they fight a bitter war. In the end, one will crash to the ground while the other continues to soar. Who that is is up to you in Dockfighters: The Ale Wars, up now on Kickstarter.

From the campaign:

Dockfighters is a fun, thrilling, easy to learn, aerial combat game with strategic depth.

We take you back to the year 1948, where the Second World War never happened, but the world has fallen apart. In what was Germany there are now a number of states, including Bavaria and Saxony.

It is the golden age of the Planes and Zeppelins. People found it much easier to travel by air than on earth through all these splintered territories.

Dockfighters comes complete with 14 magnetized aircraft and two giant airships in Dieselpunk style. Pilot experience is marked with colored rings, speed is shown by rotating discs at the hex bases and altitude is represented realistically by using magnetic height spacers.

Take command of your own squadron and fly experimental aircraft nobody has ever flown before - including tiny "dockfighters" which can be "docked" on giant airships.

The campaign's headed to 3x funded with 20 days left to go.