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Divinity Card RPG Up On Kickstarter

So, you're just walking down the street one day when you find a card. You don't think much of it, but it catches your eye and you pick it up. However, this wasn't just some lost playing card, or a dropped business card, but a small piece of divinity, imbuing you with extreme power. What would you do next? That's what Divinity Card, a new RPG that's up on Kickstarter now, asks.

From the campaign:

Divinity Card is a game that asks you what people do when given miraculous power. Do you chase godhood? Embrace mundane humanity? Trust the giver of powers? Try to smite him? All of that is up to you. As a player, you have been given a piece of divinity. This might be a supernatural power, hidden knowledge, or even a Capture card, that allows you to store the essence of anything as a conceptual weapon. Whatever it is, it is undeniably powerful. You are powerful. 

 You'll be vulnerable as well, as one of 1,000,000 constantly decreasing card bearers caught in a watchful world hungry for power. When you seemingly wield miracles but can die from a simple bullet, the world can turn ugly! However, you'll have other players by your side, hopefully, and there's a lot going on outside your own adventures.

 Suddenly people and groups are racing, fighting, and searching for these cards. Some because the cards give power themselves, some to trade for wealth, some to become a god, and others to disprove that the being even was God (some think Satan, aliens, or even a human). Some cards are Capture cards, storing in a small card anything you wish (weapons, attacks, animals, objects), others grant mystic powers or hidden knowledge. There is even a rumor that the one who gathers all cards will receive a "Divinity" card as the method of godhood. And so the race begins.

The campaign's a little more than 1/4 of the way to its goal with 11 days still to go.