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Dishdash Games Running Pre-Release Deal For Ultracombat Normandy

The invasion of Normandy was one of the most important events in the 20th century. Soon, you'll be able to recreate those pivotal days on your tabletops with Ultracombat Normandy. Dishdash Games is bringing you a new set of miniatures game rules, and you can get the hardcover book, as well as three decks of cards for one special price.

From the announcement:

Dishdash Games have a pre-release for Ultracombat Normandy on their website. US$80.00 of value for $65. For that, purchases get a 176-page full cover hard cover set of rules and three decks of cards, One for the Allies, 1 for the Axis and 1 Doctrine deck. ULTRACOMBAT: NORMANDY is an easy, fast-paced set of squad-level skirmish wargames rules for depicting the frenetic close-ranged combat that occurred during the Normandy Campaign of World War II. The system puts players in command of up to a platoon of battle-hardened infantry supported with tanks, AT guns, and devastating heavy weapons. KEY FEATURES Forces are built in elements, so players can play the real tactics of the day like Scouting, Suppressive Fire, and Fire and Movement Command is an integral part of the game at all levels with Officers and NCO’s making a real difference to the troops under their command Real ranges of weapons so measuring on the battlefield is kept to an absolute minimum Our unique card-based system gives players a tactical advantage in play, knowing when to use your elements experience to their best advantage is easy to learn but difficult to master Five complete scenarios that teach the players the rules through gameplay From the publisher of Skirmish Sangin, the breakthrough game system for skirmish-level present-day wargaming hailed for its unique style, sophisticated gameplay, and extreme realism