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Discover: Lands Unknown Now Available

Discover: Lands Unknown is truly that. Since each and every box for the game will contain different contents, it's impossible to guess what you might get. So you really are discovering unknown lands whever you open one up. And open them up you can do now, as the game is available from Fantasy Flight and your LGS now.

From the website:

Discover: Lands Unknown is available now from your local retailer or our website!

As a Unique Game, every copy of Discover: Lands Unknown is different. Although each copy pulls from a massive pool of possible components, each individual copy of the game is unique—with a distinct mix of components unlike any other copy in existence. This allows every owner to have their own stories about their game, and once you’re done with your copy, you can even trade with a friend for a fresh new experience.

Join us today as we run down the unique components featured in Discover: Lands Unknown!