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Dimensions: Worlds Without End RPG Up On Kickstarter

RPGs can easily get pretty dense. Rules for this. Rules for that. Rules here. Rules there. Rules, rules, rules. Dimensions looks to not be like that. They say that you can go from opening the box to playing in just five minutes. That's pretty quick. The game is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Dimensions is a tabletop role-play game that redefines the traditional intensive time commitment and steep learning curve that is prevalent within the RPG category. Through simple & intuitive combat & encounter systems, it combines your favorite elements of conventional RPG storytelling & dice play with an online adventure portal that guides even the greenest of players smoothly through the adventures of our fantasy realm: Elnaria. It takes 5 minutes to go from opening the box to beginning your first adventure. There is something for new and seasoned players alike, from the simplicity of compelling storylines and a rich fantasy world to the complex behind the scenes game mechanics and decision system that lives within our adventure portal.

We have created individual episodes & seasons that will span the multiverse, so join us in Elnaria, the first of our Dimensions to go live, and uncover the truth about the secret society of the Brotherhood of Oloros. Pay close attention to where you adventure, you never know where the next secret lies.

Dimensions is brought to you by an array of people dedicated to finding the best experience for everyone. The founding team, Alton Wheelhouse & Ross McGarvey have been passionate gamers for as long as they can remember. Alton is the lead game architect and specializes in game mechanics and adventure design. On the opposite side of the table, Ross has been playing RPG’s for over 30 years and focuses on story elements and heads up adventure portal design.

The campaign is up and running now. It's set to go for another 44 days.