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Diesel RPG Now Available

A new RPG is out on the market. It's Diesel and it puts players in a rough-and-tumble world of outlaws, cybernetics, dust, and just enough gas to get you to the next oasis. The system is its own, looking to create cinematic scenarios and is meant to be run in short campaigns of just a couple sessions. You can head over and pick up your copy of the game now.

About the game:

DIESEL is a game of cinematic action wrapped around an emotional core. Inspired by media like Mad Max and Firefly, DIESEL involves communally creating badass characters and a unique adventure for them to embark on. DIESEL is intended for short campaigns, running 2-5 sessions including a creation session. It has a heavy emphasis on Rule of Cool, with the innovative DIESEL Engine designed to empower players to try cool things, and give GMs the flexibility they need to craft unforgettable moments. 

 DIESEL comes with a complete setting, Edge, at the end of reality itself. People can simply step out into the region between universes. At this border, a crystal called Possibility forms that allows impossible things to happen--such as Diesels, or humans modified to run on diesel fuel. In this setting, the only real limit is imagination. 

 DIESEL is created by an exceptionally experienced team of TTRPG creators: Steven Pankotai (A Night of Fright!, Player Primer series), Joshua "HTTPaladin" Mendenhall (Incantations, Islands of Sina Una), Laura Hirsbrunner (Explorring Eberron), E.R.F. Jordan (Caster Bastards and the Great Grotesque), Matthew "aryxymaraki" Jarnak (Ilkhana's Grimoires: Beyond Necromancy), Matthew Whitby (Volo's Guide to Getting Murdered) and Cassandra MacDonald (Advanced 5e).