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Devil's Run RPG Quickstart Rules Now Available From Modiphius

Whenever you're getting into a new RPG, or any game for that matter, it helps to have a guide that can get you the basic info about the game, some of its rules, and a good look at what you can expect to find. Modiphius is good about making Quickstart books available for their different games. In this case, it's Devil's Run. Interested in this high-octane post-apocalyptic RPG? Why not get yourself the free-to-download Quickstart guide for it? It's available now.

From the website:

Two great nations that were never destined to find peace disappeared overnight. One is now an irradiated hot-zone where nothing survives. The other a sparsely populated wasteland that has plummeted into anarchy and chaos. Water, gas, and food are the only currencies that matter on a continent ruled by bullets, balls and bloodshed.

The Devil’s Run roleplaying game puts you in the driving seat of a post-apocalyptic future in which gang warfare dominates. The rules of the road are none. All you need ask yourself is what would you kill for? What would you die for? How far are you will to fall to survive?

High-octane action fuelled by rules for two turbo-driven systems. This quickstart contains an introduction to the 2d20 ruleset, plus mechanics to risk the Devil’s Run using the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition system