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Detective: City of Angels and New Expansion Up On Kickstarter

Los Angeles. A glowing gem on the Southern California coast. Hollywood. Glitz. Glamor. And crime. Lots of crime. That's where you come in, looking to solve the toughest crimes in Detective: City of Angels. This new Kickstarter campaign looks to get this game funded, as well as a new expansion for the Detective line of games.

From the campaign:

Detective: City of Angels is an epic narrative-driven board game set in the dark and violent world of 1940's Los Angeles. Most players will step into the shoes of LAPD Homicide detectives that will do whatever it takes to solve the case, but one player will take on the role of The Chisel whose goal is to stall and misdirect the detectives at every turn. 

Now, we are back with the newest expansion featuring brand new cases for the game Detective: Smoke and Mirrors. Smoke and Mirrors features some of the hardest cases created so far. These ain't for no gumshoes, ya hear? But don't worry, if you are new to Detective, you can get the game and all of the expansions right here in our ALL-IN Wise Head pledge level!

The version of Detective: City of Angels you will get in this Kickstarter is VRG Select. This means that it will not be sold through normal distribution channels. We may offer it for sale on our website, at conventions, and to registered VRG Select Retailers that order directly from us.  If you are a retailer, see below on how to become a VRG Select Retailer!  

The campaign's making its way to 4x funded with 14 days left to go.