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Demigods RPG Up On Kickstarter

It's one thing to get into an argument with your parents. It's another thing if one of your parents is a deity. Makes things a little tougher. Though it does come with the perks of you, yourself, having some pretty amazing powers. And that's what we have in Demigods, a new RPG that's up on Kickstarter now that puts you in the shoes of a half-divine character trying to make it in the world.

From the campaign:

Demigods is an action/adventure RPG Powered by the Apocalypse that brings mythology to life in a modern setting. Built from the PBTA framework, Demigods is a fast-action take on mythology, in the style of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods and Good Omens, or Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson series. You can play a character from any Pantheon or belief system you can imagine, plotting the arc of your ascension to godhood while you battle mythological creatures and villains in the modern world.

The goal of this Kickstarter is to publish a 6x9 rulebook of about 200+ pages. The manuscript is done, and we're raising funds for editing, layout, and even more art.

About Demigods

Demigods is designed for epic, heart-breaking, legendary stories. Its rules-light approach streamlines mythic, god-level play so you can get down to the business of epic storytelling without having to worry about a laundry list of powers, pantheons, or game mechanics that don’t drive the story.

Beyond the tales of legend threatening the modern world, your demigod has everyday life to worry about too. They have to live in the mortal world and deal with demanding parents, clueless friends, crushes gone bad, and worse. 

Game play is fast and story-focused. The stories will be rich tapestries woven of human experience, and epic moments that will go down in legend forever.

This game is for lovers of mythology, urban fantasy, magical realism, the supernatural, and epic heroes. Heralds (game-runners) who like flexibility, customization, and narrative-driven drama will find a home here, with rules that are easy to learn so you can get on with telling incredible stories together.

The campaign's closing in on 2x funded with 29 days left to go.