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Delayed Blast Gamemaster #3 Up On Kickstarter

The folks behind the Delayed Blast Gamemaster zine are back again. They're looking to creat the 3rd installment of the zine, complete with adventures, gear, characters, and more. The magazine is low on dedicated game rules, letting GMs adapt the information within to their game as they see fit. This new installment is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

In 2019, many of you supported the creation of Delayed Blast Gamemaster #1 (Kickstarter page) and Delayed Blast Gamemaster #2 (Kickstarter page). Both issues were far more successful than I could have hoped. So far, over 1,000 copies of the first issue have been sent out to project supporters (of the first Kickstarter campaign and some of my other projects), making the zine one of my top works of 2019.

Now, with your support, I will publish the third issue of the series in both PDF and print. I have prepared 48 pages for this latest issue, and with luck, we will unlock all of the project stretch goals and make this latest issue just as packed as the first two. (See stretch goals, below, for more info.)

I plan to use the same printer, paper, and construction for this issue as the first two issues, so you know that if we succeed, the physical presentation of the project will be as attractive and professional as I can manage.

If you're familiar with my earlier RPG work -- either the D20 System material I created over a decade ago or the card decks I took to Kickstarter in 2018 (Dungeon Challenge Cards, Outdoor Encounter Cards, Outdoor Encounter Cards 2) -- then you know what you can expect from this third issue of Delayed Blast Gamemaster: Page after page of concepts, ideas, and inspiration that you can adapt, expand, and make your own.

What you will not find in Delayed Blast Gamemaster: Dedicated game rules and an excessive number of details that obstruct your own needs. Everything packed inside the zine is intended to get your creative juices flowing and give you a starting point when sitting down to plan an RPG session. And if something I've written is in your way . . . trash it! Make it your own! What do I know? 

The campaign's more than 3x funded, but it's almost over, with only 2 days left to go.